Athens Private Tour

A City that lives through the centuries and keeps amazing us with her little secrets, hidden in her countless alleys. A day in her heart will persuade the most “difficult” traveler not only with her beauty but her life too.

Private Transfer from Athens Airport - Holy Light

This year we had the honor of transferring the Holly Light. It travelled thousands of miles from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and arrived at the Athens International Airport at night. A very special Private Transfer was organized for this purpose.

Despite the big journey, its humble yet powerful light was enough to warm our hearts, fill us with hope and lighten the darkness that lurks in our hearts.

May we all be blessed!

First Aid Seminar

Even an experienced Chauffeur may stumble upon a difficult, health related, situation. So, Loyal to our Clients and their Safety, our Chauffeurs attended a “First Aid Seminar”. Concentrated and spot on, our Chauffeurs learnt about resuscitation techniques, wound dressing, aid for a person choking etc.