Delphi Full Day Private Tour

Delphi, known also as the navel of the world, according to the Greek Mythology Zeus he wanted to find the center of the world so he released two eagles at the opposite ends of the world and they met in Delphi. The site which is part of the World Heritage of UNESCO is famous for its mystique and spirituals inspirations. Delphi is considered the second most sacred site after the Acropolis of Athens.

After meeting your English speaking chauffeur at the designated time and place we will start heading northwest of Greece for 114 miles on the National Highway passing from Thebes, birthplace of Hercules, Levadia and the small picturesque village of Arachova famous for its woven handicrafts finding the archaeological site of the Oracle of Delphi, of course we will make some necessary comfort stops. First we will see the Castalia Spring and after we will visit the main archaeological site of Delphi located at the Slopes of Mount Parnassos with the Temple of Apollo, the Treasuries of the Athenians, the Ancient Stadium and the Ancient Theatre which until today retains its remarkable acoustics. After visiting all the above mentioned masterpieces of antiquity we will proceed to the museum of Delphi which hosts unique exhibits such as the Charioteer a bronze statue of the 5th century B.C.

Time to meet the local cuisine, our lunch will be in a traditional Greek tavern in the modern town of Delphi. Before concluding our private tour of Delphi we will stop at the ruins of the Temple of Athena Pronea and the Gymnasium. After having a full day of unique experiences we will start heading back to Athens,with some necessary comfort stops if needed. If you desire a licensed guide is up on request.